The Tri-Faith Initiative is led by the following partners:

Temple Israel

Temple Israel is a Reform Jewish congregation that strives to bridge tradition and modernity, linking a cherished Jewish history with fresh approaches to spirituality, lifelong Jewish learning and acts of justice.

The congregation was founded in 1871 and nearly 750 families are members today. Temple Israel is the first of the Tri-Faith Initiative partners to build on the commons. The congregation dedicated its new synagogue October of 2013.

Learn more about Temple Israel here.

Countryside Community Church (UCC)

Countryside Community Church is an inclusive, open and affirming family of faith, welcoming all to God’s table of love and acceptance. Its members are diverse, yet united by Christ’s example, caring for one another, supporting one another and challenging one another to become all that God creates us to be.

The church was founded in Omaha in 1949 and is a part of the United Church of Christ, which is known as the oldest denomination in the United States (going back to the Pilgrims). Countryside’s worship services are held each Sunday at 9:00 am (classical) and 11:00 am (jazz). All are welcome. Construction began in June of 2017, and the new church opened its doors on April 7th, 2019.

Learn more about Countryside Community Church here.

American Muslim Institute (AMI)

The American Muslim Institute’s (AMI) mission is to promote a better understanding of Islam in the Western world. AMI’s educational, religious and social programs are grounded in faith and the core values of Islam: acceptance, compassion, equality, justice and peace.

Founded in Omaha in 2006, AMI is a local, non-denominational, autonomous nonprofit organization. The mosque and community center on the Tri-Faith Commons serves as a worship space and Islamic institute for Omaha’s growing Muslim population. Construction began in 2015 and the building opened in May of 2017.

Learn more about AMI here.