Uncategorized | March 21st, 2016

One Small Step for Faith

The following is a letter written by 17 year old Tayler Khan of Kearney, Nebraska. Tayler comes from a more peculiar family than the average household. With grandparents of the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths, she has personally gone through the obstacles our organization is aiming to overcome.  Though a kid, her parents, and their parents could be labeled as a family, only birth certificates and marriage licenses could prove this.  As a child of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths, I’ve learned to grow up in a war of worlds.  My Muslim grandfather only participated in Christmas for the commercial appeal and my Christian grandparents have never even heard of Eid or Shavuot, let alone know any of the traditions. Stereotypes about Jews, and the rampant increase in Muslims, have perpetuated among the United States, especially in places like Nebraska where the population is mostly uni-dimensional.  Rather than learn from others, fear and dismissive notions break any stride toward unity.   Growing up with all three religions around me, I know the beauty and morality that they bring, along with the exciting customs and storytelling.  Any young girl could be inspired by the actions of Queen Esther, celebrated in the Jewish holiday, Purim, and the lessons of hospitality and charity from the Quran are universal to all human beings.  I’m tired of the infighting among my family, and America, however, a step towards ending that has finally been taken. With a hopeful completion in 2019, the Tri-Faith Initiative in Omaha is the message I’ve been waiting for my entire life.  The [campus] will combine a Synagogue, Mosque, and Church into one [plot of land], along with common quarters for mingling.   Some may view this as a disaster waiting to happen, but for those who want to have a society formed by messages of peace and tolerance, the organization generates hope in a place the majority of the country wouldn’t imagine.  By bringing together these faiths, the initiative is presenting a community that won’t argue over their texts, but share lessons and concepts with each other, and is setting an example our country needs to see.