Commons Gallery

The Tri-Faith Initiative is the transformational partnership of the three Abrahamic faith communities Temple Israel, Countryside Community Church (UCC), and the American Muslim Institute (AMI). These religious buildings are intentionally co-located on the Tri-Faith Commons in the Sterling Ridge development near 132nd & Pacific Streets in Omaha, Nebraska. A fourth building, the Tri-Faith Center, will be a central place of activity to evoke the spirit of the Tri-Faith Initiative. The Center will welcome visitors, inviting them to participate in social events and inspiring them with educational resources. The four buildings on the Tri-Faith Commons will be unified by a circular bridge and walking paths that will cross “Hell Creek” and physically bring members of the three faith groups together. The Master Plan concept drawings below highlight how the circular bridge will provide each congregation easy access to the shared common space and how each building within the Commons has been designed to maximize the shared views between them.
    • Temple Israel is on the east side of the Commons (Dedicated in 2013)
    • Countryside Community Church will be located on the southwest portion of the Commons (Under construction, anticipated opening spring 2019)
    • AMI is on the northwest corner (Opened 2017)
  • Tri-Faith Center will be located on the west side of the Commons between AMI and Countryside (Anticipated construction to begin late 2018)