The Tri-Faith Commons is located in Omaha, Nebraska, at 132nd Street and Pacific Street. When complete, the commons will house a Jewish synagogue, a Christian church, a Muslim mosque, and a shared Tri-Faith Center. Each participating group will construct its own place of worship, with walkways leading to a shared common area in the middle of the grounds.

In August of 2013, Temple Israel was the first building to be completed. Their new building has a main sanctuary that seats 900+, a Commons area to encourage community conversation, a social hall and extensive education facilities. The American Muslim Institute began construction in 2016, and was completed in May of 2017. Countryside Community Church (UCC) broke ground in June of 2017 and held its grand opening in April of 2019. Ground breaking for the Tri-Faith Center occurred in May of 2019 with construction anticipated to be complete in early 2020.

The property has an interesting history; it was originally developed in the 1920s as a Jewish country club, at a time when people of the Jewish faith were barred from membership in other Omaha clubs. We are proud that—generations later—our places of worship will reside together as a symbol of the relationships of trust, acceptance, and respect that we share.