The Tri-Faith Initiative is made up of three Abrahamic faith groups who have chosen to be in relationship together as neighbors on one campus, committed to practicing respect, acceptance and trust. Our three members are of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths: Temple Israel, Countryside Community Church (UCC), and The American Muslim Institute.

We believe that we are being led together by our God and that we are all called to be a blessing to each other and our community. As far as we know, our shared commons is the only undertaking of its kind. But it’s a big world out there; we celebrate, support, and join in the flow of interfaith work that is practiced all around the globe.



We, the members of the three Abrahamic faiths —
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam —
impelled by visions of human harmony,
wish to share our grand and mutual heritage,
that is, the belief in, and worship of, One Almighty God.

Our Mission

The Tri-Faith Initiative fosters empathy, invites understanding, and advances common action between people of diverse faiths through the shared efforts of intentionally co-located congregations of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths and an interfaith center on one campus. 

Our Vision

We imagine and work for a world in which religious differences are seen as an asset and strength to be celebrated, where people realize the ability to overcome fear and stereotypes and embrace one another.  

Core Values

EMPATHETIC – We are committed to transforming lives through fostering empathy and understanding

INFORMED – We are guided by today’s leading research and scholarship and continuously assess our performance and impact

OPEN-MINDED – We are an agent for change in transcending differences and engaging all persons without regard to faith or status

ENGAGED – We celebrate and foster interfaith relationships, dialogue, and action in our communities

COMMITTED – We are deeply passionate about understanding ourselves and our neighbors better and embodying that through permanent residency together on a shared campus

RESPECTFUL – We act with courage and conviction from our respective faiths while we strive for generous hospitality to be our salient trademark

JOYFUL – We believe it is important to purposefully nurture both humor and joy in our togetherness

VISIONARY – We act with hope and faith as we work together for justice and peace in our world

LEADING – We strive to be known as an innovative international leader in interfaith relations

REVERENT – We hold space for a purpose and meaning to our lives that is greater than ourselves and expressed in our respective faiths.

“In bringing the three faiths together, each of us is making our own faith, our own belief, our own religion stronger.”
– Dr. Syed Mohiuddin, AMI president